Top Five things to do in Perth

Top Five things to do in Perth
24 Sep

Top Five things to do in Perth

Here are the top five activities to do whilst in Perth. Perth, located in the state of Western Australia,…
Perth, located in the state of Western Australia, is separated from Australia’s major tourist destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, however, that does not make it any less tourist worthy. Perth enjoys a beautiful climate and picturesque views, and it should be high on your list when travelling to the Southern Hemisphere.
If you think it’s just an ordinary city, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Kings Park, Perth WA

Whether you’re keen for a family picnic, a brisk walk or just a play with the kids, Kings Park is the place to do it. With perfect sunny weather and fresh green grass, you can enjoy the outdoors without a care in the world. Kings Park gives you sweeping views of Perth city, Swan River and the beautiful botanical gardens, allowing you to spend hours in the beautiful outdoors.

Measuring 4.06km , it is the world’s biggest inner-city park, with plenty of space for everyone, and you’ll be surprised at the calmness you feel upon entering the gardens. For a relaxed day off, Kings Park is the perfect outing.

Scarborough Beach

You’re probably thinking a beach is a beach is a beach, but the town of Scarborough has one of the best beaches in the world. It is the perfect combination of surf, sun and relaxation. With soft white sand, blue water and only a few rocks, it has been rated as the best beach in Western Australia.

Just across the road from the warm Indian Ocean is a stretch of nightclubs, restaurants and boutique stores , there is something for everyone. You can go from the beach to the bar or the shops without having to plan your entire day around transport and time. There is also a path for skaters, cyclists and joggers who prefer a sea view.

Rottnest Island

If you’re ready for a day trip, take the ferry to Rottnest Island. Just 19km off the coast, the island houses its own accommodation, museums, military landmarks and eateries for you to enjoy with your family or alone. What better way to get away from the city than to boat off to a small island.

The perfect beaches all around Rottnest are paradise worthy and protected by beautiful coral. More than just a pretty face, the island is full of cultural history as it was home to a penal establishment from 1839 to 1904. So for a day of tanning, an historical journey or both, head to Rottnest Island.

Round House, Fremantle WA

This landmark is the oldest state building in Western Australia. It was opened in 1831 and used as a prison for anyone who committed a crime in the state.To visit Round House, you can arrange a guided tour where an expert will take you through the entire building and tell you about old tales as well as a detailed story about the link between Round House and Rottnest Island where many imprisoned men died from disease, malnutrition and hanging. For a true Australian historical experience, visit Round House in the Fremantle suburb of Perth.


His Majesty’s Theatre

If you are more of a cultured soul, then His Majesty’s Theatre is the perfect place for you to spend your spare time. This Edwardian theatre will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the 1500’s. Of course, the building is not that old having been built in 1904, but it is well looked after and enjoys State Heritage Icon status.
Hosting plenty of events and showcasing a variety of shows, His Majesty’s Theatre is the highlight of everyone’s social calendar in Perth.

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